Magnesium Trisilicate IP / BP / USP

Product Details

Appearance A fine white, odorless powder, slightly hygroscopic.
Solubility Practically insoluble in water and in ethanol (95%).
Identification - A B It gives the reaction of magnesium salts. It gives the reaction of silicates.
Alkalinity Not more than 1.0 ml of 0.1M HCl is required.
Arsenic Not more than 4 ppm
Heavy Metals Not more than 40 ppm
Chloride Not more than 500 ppm
Sulphate Not more than 0.5 %
Water soluble Salt Not more than 30 mg
Acid Absorption Cap. Not less than 100 ml 0.1M HCl acid per gm
Loss on Ignition Between 17 % to 34 %
Assay as MgO Assay as SiO2 Not less than 29 % (Ignited basis) Not less than 65 % (Ignited basis)

Packing : 25 kg HDPE Bag

Storage : Store protected from moisture


  • Used as Antacid in Antacid Formulations
  • useful Antioxidant
  • Decolorizing Agent and industrial odor absorbent.